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SHABBAT® tea is cultivated and processed according to special order in the unique tea institute placed at environmentally-friendly high-altitude plantations (2 000 m above sea level!) in China’s Yunnan province. All our teas are packaged in the place of production (on-site) to save health benefits and environmental integrity of the raw material. SHABBAT® tea is manufactured in keeping with kosher standards and is certified by the most famous and trustworthy kosher centers in the world.

Our mission is to produce high-quality pure tea, free of admixtures and pesticides.

Our tea goes through additional stages of hand processing and inspection. The high quality is guaranteed.

The SHABBAT® team are people who love their job and are extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with tea.

  • UAB Dianhong China – European Cha Company
  • Mokyklos str.1, Mokolu vl., Marijampoles municipality,
  • LT-68461 Lithuania
  • E-mail: atlanticdf@atlanticdf.eu
  • Registration code: 304581303
  • VAT code: LT100011302614
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